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Back on the Court after Two Surgeries

Danielle Busanic  
Student Athlete

Danielle Busanic was only a sophomore in high school when basketball scouts were looking at her for college. But then she went up for a routine layup and came down, hard, on her left leg. The force tore her ACL, the anterior cruciate ligament in her knee, and left her writhing and screaming on the court in pain.

Still Competing after Four Surgeries

Kevin Barry  
Football Linebacker

The sport Kevin Barry loves so passionately has taken a toll on his body. At only 22 years old, the linebacker has already had four surgeries from his time on the gridiron. Yet you wouldn't know it from his performance - he's still an all-conference linebacker at the top of his game.

Soccer after ACL Surgery

Dennis Machado  
Semi-pro Soccer Player

It was a night game and raining lightly when Dennis Machado planted his foot while attempting to avoid a defender during one of his semi-pro soccer games. Dennis has been playing competitive soccer for decades. Yet that night, he felt a sudden sharp pain, heard a "pop" and knew he damaged his knee. It swelled immediately and he figured he might have torn a muscle, maybe injured a meniscus or minor ligament. But his diagnosis was much more serious - he had torn his anterior cruciate ligament, (ACL). He thought his playing days were over.