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Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis Success

From Mrs. Milly Salerno
Daughter of Elupina German
Reverse Shoulder Recipient

My mother’s shoulder injury was most likely caused by the type of work she had done when she was younger, working in a dress factory lifting and handling heavy machinery.

Over the years, her bursitis had gotten worse and numerous cortisone shots to ease the pain eventually damaged tendons in both her shoulders and the loss of range of motion.

Just combing her hair or reaching for something in the cabinet became a difficult task. When she eventually got to the point that she couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep, we knew the time had come to find a solution to this very uncomfortable problem.

After doing some initial research about shoulder injuries, we found that Dr. Longobardi was doing a new innovative shoulder replacement procedure that would allow even more mobility after surgery. Upon examining my mother, Dr. Longobardi was amazed that she had the ability to do anything considering the extent of her damaged and dislocated shoulders.

Dr. Longobardi took the time to explain the procedure to us as we waited for the right prosthesis to come in before going ahead with the surgery to ensure it would be a good fit. His vast experience as a team physician for numerous professional sports teams and strong background in sports medicine, lead us to have the confidence we needed to finally go through with surgery. A friend of my mom even commented she would probably be able to "pitch for the Mets!" after this surgery!

After doing surgery on the worst of the shoulders in June 2005, followed by therapy for six months, 3 times a week and wonderful follow through on all of the post-surgery modalities on her own, she is now carrying things and feeling "unbelievable!" She can’t thank Dr. Longobardi enough for his genuine care and understanding of her condition, the visiting nurse, rehabilitation specialists and office staff for providing all that was needed for a wonderful recovery.

She is looking to regain that same "unbelievable" feeling by having the same procedure done on her other shoulder soon.

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