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Not Held Back By An Ankle Injury

Darius Bagan (Boston, MA)
Student Athlete - Boston College

"He is a true professional and obviously loves helping athletes rehabilitate and overcome injuries...I owe Dr. Longobardi a great debt of gratitude for the role he played in my recovery.  The passion he displays cannot be overstated. 

Darius BaganIt was extremely beneficial because it motivated me to match his enthusiasm throughout the rehabilitation process…Dr. Longobardi did an excellent job connecting with me and gaining my trust.  His experience and passion for helping athletes was clearly evident from our very first meeting."

Darius continues his successful football career at Boston College after being sidelined by a serious ankle injury early last season. Despite requiring surgery, Darius was able to return for the later part of his season and play in BC’s January Bowl Game. 

A thorough review of his injury and truly empathizing with Darius about his concerns to return in optimum form as soon as possible,  Dr. Longobardi was able to repair his ankle, navigate his rehabilitation, and expedite his timely recovery ensuring the best positive outcome for his future.

Dr. Longobardi offers unique office services:

  • A Creative tracking system for patient examination
  • Quick, confidential access to one's medical history
  • Digital X-Rays at the time of examination

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